Exceptional testimony of Wold War 1st in Adamello


...on February 11th, 1917, lieutenant Felix Hecht von Eleda assumed the command of Corno di Cavento with the 1st company of Tiroler Kaiserjäger explorers... the objective assigned to him from the high command, was to maximize defenses of Corno di Cavento, with the construction of an underground artillery, in order to interdict italian supplies at the Vedretta della Lobbia... on February 21st, began the excavation of a little rock tunnel below the summit, by the Sappeur Company (sappers)... the work went on for about 3 months, causing numerous injuries due to landmine accidents... initially conceived as a safe haven in case of bombing, the tunnel was later transformed into a Fort, with loopholes for guns and cannons, pointing toward the Passo del Cavento and Vedretta della Lobbia, occupied by Italian troops...



After the end of the conflict, the gallery was initially visited by recoverers for war material, but soon after, it filled up with ice and snow that sealed and hid the access for many years. Only after 2003 hot summer and following years, the thickness of inner ice dwindled, allowing the entrance.

From 2007 to 2010, thanks to the collaboration of Autonomous Province of Trento, the Trentino Mountaineers' Society and Mountain Guides, the tunnel has been affected by a major restoration project, and since summer 2011, in accordance with the Provincial Authorities, the gallery was made accessible with guided tours led by Mountain Guides.

An emotional tour that brings you back in the past and makes you feel and think as if you had been there, in order to have people not forgetting and grow in the hope of a better future, in the name of sharing and tolerance. The hike can be accomplished in a day, lodging at Rifugio Carè Alto the previous night, otherwise in a two or more days tour, according to a customized program.

MountainGuideAdamelloBrenta daily organizes tours on request.



- From June to November.
- Everyday on demand.


- A whole day: meeting and lodging at Rifugio Carè Alto, reached the day before.
- Two or more days: according to a customized program (haute routes, approch from neighboring valleys, enchaining more peaks or itinerariers).


- From 120€/person.
- For a tour of two or more days request a quote


- Costs include: IFMGA mountain guide service, insurance, equipment, photos.
- Any other espenses at charge of participants (lift-tickets, mountain huts, transfers, for themselves and the guide).


Contact us for any info, requests or custom program.

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