Multipitch classic climb course

Classic climbing is ideally a natural goal for many climbers, for their desire to climb walls and historical routes in the Dolomites and the Alps.

This course is aimed at all those people who want to pursue mountain climbing at its purest and ethic form, along lines and routes opened and protected exclusively with the use of traditional means (pitons, nuts, friends, rockspikes, shrubs...).

Learning appropriate skills, aware that evaluation, self-control, physical and technical training, take on a role in this game absolutely relevant, for the right management of climbing progression and safety of the team.

  • equipment
  • progression technique
  • balaying a lead climber
  • plate belaying of seconds
  • rapelling
  • anchor positioning (friends, nuts, rockspikes, shrubs, pitons...)
  • knots and belays
  • april to november: customizable program for pre-arranged groups
  • next course: on demand

1^ stage | ½ day | Lomasona
Practice at the crags on single-pitches: belaying and progression with ½ ropes, rapelling, use of nuts, friends, hammer and pitons.

2^ stage | ½ day | Preore
Climbing progression of roped-party, enchaining more pitches and rapelling, on 2/3 pitches sport routes.

3^ stage | full day | Valley of Sarca
Climb of a mixed sport-classic route of 4/5 pitches, to be integrated with the use of nuts and friends.

4^ stage | full day | Arco
Climb of a mixed sport-classic route of 7/8 pitches, to be integrated with the use of nuts and friends.

5^ stage | 1½ day | Dolomites
Final classic climb with the use of hammer, nails, nuts and friends in the Dolomites.

  • 570€/person (with 2 participants)
  • 410€/person (with 3 participants)
  • 340€/person (with 4 participants)
  • costs include: IFMGA mountain guide service, insurance, photos


Contact us for any info, requests or custom program.

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