Hike and water adventure


The Limarò river trek is a fascinating experience that combines adventure and exploration with a wild and surreal environment.

A wet hike that winds through imperceptible paths and numerous fords in the bed of the Sarca River, inside the Limarò Canyon, a deep and suggestive Gorge enclosed between yellow and imposing vertical walls.

The waters of the Sarca River arise directly from the Adamello Glacier and flow into Lake Garda: the river-trek ends right near the town of Sarche, where the steep walls suddenly collapse leaving space to the homonymous Sarca Valley, renowned and famous location for climbing, thanks to the infinite number of routes and grags in the area and a generous climate that allows to practice throughout the year.

A super engaging experience for children and teenagers, fascinating and awe-inspiring for adults.

For the most-active challenge hunters, the chance to opt for the full version, an awesome adventure that leads from Ponte Romano (Terme di Comano) to Sarche (intended exclusively for well-trained people, for a total commitment of a whole day).

MountainGuideAdamelloBrenta daily organizes tours on demand.



- PERIOD: from may to october.
- DIFFICOLTY: medium-easy.
- DURATION: half a day.
- PRICE: from 60€/person.

- Rates include IFMGA mountain guide service, insurance, technical equipment, photos.
- What to bring: hiking clothing (shorts, t-shirt, boots or hiking shoes), backpack with rain jacket or k-way, snack and drink, plus an extra set (clothes, shoes, towel) for changing once out of the river.

Contact us for any info, request or customized program.

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