The most beautiful and adventurous trek of Mediterranean


Known as the most beautiful and adventurous hike of Mediterranean, Selvaggio Blu, Sardinia, is really an adventure beyond all expectations, a unique experience of total escape... times and rhythms at a crawl, adaptability, in the backpack the bare essential.

A trek that winds through imperceptible paths and mule tracks, thin ledges and big caves, sections with short climbs, rappels and iscal'e fustes (log ladders), it all in a great context, the Supramonte di Baunei and the coasts of Golfo di Orosei, unspoiled area surrounded by woods of oak and juniper, mysterious bacu (gorges) and cale (small bays).

From Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Sisine, along a stunning route, made of white beaches, crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets, through places of great beauty, such as Pedra Longa, Cala Goloritze, Punta Giradili, Portu Pedroso and Baku Mudaloro.

An adventure based on the essential, bivouacs under the stars, meals cooked on a bonfire or by camping-stoves, the only help, stores of food and water  prepared in advance by the mountain guide by sea at every stage.

Lack of back-up points, few and difficult chances to find water, orientation problems and very few traces of human presence, together with short sections of easy climbing and rappelling (managed by the mountain guide), make this trek and unforgettable experience 



PERIOD: april-may-june, october-september.
DIFFICULTY: alpinistic trek (no experience needed).
GROUP: 5-8.
DURATION: #7 days.
RATE: 850€pp.

Next departures: 04-10 october.
Customizable dates and programs on demand for individuals and pre-arranged groups.


Costs include:

- Logistics.
- Food and water for each stage.
- IFMGA mountain guide service.
- 30€pp Tax Payment to the Municipality of Baunei.
- #2 nights in a B&B.
- Return by boat to starting point.
- Insurance.
- Memory pics.

Costs do not include:

- Transfers to/from Sardinia and inland.



1. Meeting point in Santa Maria Navarrese (B&B).
2. Santa Maria Navarrese - Cuile de us Piggius-Monte Ginnirco.

3. Monte Ginnirco - Portu Pedroso.
4. Portu Pedroso - Cala Goloritzè.
5. Cala Goloritzè - Bacu Mudaloro.
6. Bacu Mudaloru - Cala Sisine and return by boat to S.M. Navarrese (B&B).
7. Breakfast. Closing greetings.

Indicative program, subject to possible modifications by the guide due to adverse weather conditions and unforeseeable events.



These following services are available to reach Sardinia and Santa Maria del Navarrese:





Between 4th and 5th stage, the chance for climbing enthusiasts to climb the famous Aguglia Goloritzè (Punta Carrodi). The easiest classic route is "Easy Gymnopedie", # 5 pitches (150m), grade 5c/6a, with a 6b pace on the second pitch, avoidable thanks to the help of a bolt. Gorgeous rock. Max #2 people. Cost: 200€/1pax, 130€pp/2pax - rate dedicated only to trek participants).

Tour exstension with a climbing stage on multipitch routes. Approximate cost: 300€/1pax, 175€pp/2pax.

Please contact us for any info, requests or custom program.

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