A family-friendly itinerary at altitude


The Sentiero SOSAT (or Via delle Bocchette Basse) is a cabled route which traverses the Brenta Group and connect the Rifugio Tuckett with Rifugio Alimonta or Rifugio Brentei, trough cliffs, boulders and panoramic scree ledges.

Quite exciting is the northwest gorge of Punte di Campiglio, a deep canyon equipped with ladders, that forces the descent to its bottom and the climb up the opposite side.

Classed as easy-level via ferrata, the sentiero SOSAT is a family friendly itinerary. The view over Val Brenta and the glaciers of Adamello-Presanellala and Ortels-Cevedale is amazing, as well as over the majestic cliffs of Cima Tosa (the highest of Brenta Dolomites) and Crozzon di Brenta, divided by Canalone Neri, a permanently snow and ice covered gully full of history and charm.

The hike can be accomplished in a day from Vallesinella or the top station of Funivia Grostè, otherwise in a two or more days tour, combined with other via ferratas and overnight stays in mountain huts.

MountainGuideAdamelloBrenta daily organizes tours on request.



- PERIOD: from June to November.
- DURATION: full day.
- COST: from 100€/person.

- For tours of two or more days thru the Dolomites, ask for a quotation.

- Costs include: IFMGA mountain guide service, insurance, equipment, photos.
- Any other espenses at charge of participants (lift-tickets, transfers, mountain huts for themselves and the guide).

Contact us for any info, request or customized program.

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